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Authentic Eastern Canadian fishery since 1974

Pêcheries Prével inc. is a privately held Canadian owned business that was established in 1974 by local fishermen.

Based in Quebec’s renowned destination of Gaspésie, Pêcheries Prével Inc. is a harvester and distributor of Canadian seafood, specializing in live hard-shelled lobster, crab, and other groundfish from the Quebec and Maritime region.

For forty years, this family-run company has been servicing the local community, distributing quality seafood products from the North Atlantic Canadian waters.


We are dedicated to servicing our community by providing
the finest quality Canadian fish and seafood.

Nous avons à cœur de servir la communauté en offrant
des poissons et fruits de mer canadiens de la meilleure qualité possible.

About Gaspésie Waters

It’s no wonder that Gaspésie was listed as one of the top 20 worldwide destinations to visit in 2011 by National Geographic magazine and in 2009 was designated the third most beautiful destination in the world for its sustainable development. In the same year National Geographic Traveler named this region as one of 50 Places to Visit in a lifetime.

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Cap sur la Gaspésie

Ce n’est pas un hasard si la Gaspésie a été désignée comme l’une des 20 meilleures destinations touristiques du monde en 2011 par la revue National Geographic. De plus, la région a été reconnue, en 2009, comme la troisième plus belle destination touristique du monde en raison de son développement durable. La même année, le National Geographic Traveler a nommé la région l’une des 50 destinations incontournables à visiter dans sa vie.

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